Rarities 1992-2003

Rarities 1992-2003

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Black Yak Records / Phantom
Fan Exclusive
August 2003

Disc 1:

The Curse Stops Here
Where Is She?
Tiny Girls
Buy Now Pay Later [live]
Bring Me Back To Your Love [full band version]
Coming Up For Air
Fall For You [Perky Mix]
Never Fall In Love Again
No Aphrodisiac [MGF mix]
400 Miles From Darwin
Out The Back [Sculthorpe Variation]
I Make Hamburgers [live]

      The lyric “Royal In The Afternoon” is a black-stump meditation on marriage. To settle down or not? Can one be loved as one is? A bet is placed each way in the end, though in the film clip, after being waylaid by the band on his way to his wedding, Tim is dragged back by his brother-in-laws, and at least makes it to the end of the aisle.