Revisiting the Darkness

The Age by Andrew Murfett In their 17 years the Whitlams have endured high and lows of an operatic scale. So bring on the orchestra. Andrew Murfett reports. FOUR years ago, Tim Freedman did something as surreptitious as it was unexpected: he became a father. The 43-year-old nonchalantly let the details slip last month in […]

Truth, Beauty & A Picture Of You – Review

The Drum Media by Ross Clelland The Whtilams remain an interesting case study. Of the dozens of bands that rose and fell between the barstools of the old Sandringham Hotel in the ’90s, you probably wouldn’t have picked them as the one to be performing with symphony orchestras a decade later. There’s also the feeling […]

The Whitlams Years

Herald Sun by James Wigney TIM Freedman is proud of his work, but admits not all the songs have come up trumps, James Wigney writes. Tim Freedman’s appraisal of his career when compiling The Best of the Whitlams collection was much like the man – frank and unsentimental. As the sole surviving founding member of […]

The Mellowing of Tim Freedman

Sydney Morning Herald by Keith Austin THE WHITLAMS frontman Tim Freedman has a bit of a reputation as a boozer and a prickly interview. He is, as one reviewer described him, the “poet of contemporary urban Sydney, a left-wing, wine-happy, street-level egalitarian with firm Newtown roots”. And, of course, at 43, he has been all these things. […]

Truth, Beauty and Getting Through

MAG by Ed. Nimmervoll As the guiding spirit of The Whitlams, Tim Freedman knows success can be both a blessing and a curse. Ed. Nimmervoll mines the history of the band as Freedman releases a career retrospect. The story of The Whitlams is one of stellar successes and cavernous lows. Of the 20 musicians to […]

This Issue

In this issue: A letter from Tim Freedman Links to pre-order ‘Truth, Beauty & A Picture of You’  Watch exclusive footage of Tim Freedman  ‘Best Of’ national tour dates A Letter From Tim Freedman Hi Everyone, We’ve been pretty quiet since the orchestral tour ended last November, but that’s about to change with the “Best of” out […]

Whitlams cross to WASO again

The West Australian by William Yeoman Since their now-famous collaboration with the WA Symphony Orchestra in 2004, the Whitlams have released another album, Little Cloud. With the Perth Concert Hall offering a better listening space than the Kings Park outdoor venue of that earlier gig, three concerts were announced for a renewal of acquaintance. The […]

Friends of The Whitlams

Dear Friends of The Whitlams, There simply is “no aphrodisiac” like The Whitlams and the Sydney Symphony joining forces for two magical shows on 20 and 21 September, 2007 in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. Front-man Tim Freedman and the band will play their hits of the last decade plus great new material arranged just for […]

Solo Shows

Dear Friends of The Whitlams, 2007 is not just over yet. We still have more solo shows for our FOW to see out the year. 2007 Dates with Tim Freedman: FRI DECEMBER 7 – Lizottes, Central Coast NSW Tickets from Lizottes or call 02 4368 2017 THUR DECEMBER 20 – The Basement, Sydney NSW SOLD OUT FRI DECEMBER 21 – The […]

Tim Freedman talks writing reading but no rithmatic by Sharon Kennedy Plays piano, reads a lot, writes songs with narrative structure and likes lots of the new Aussie music: that’s Tim Freedman of the Whitlams. “We didn’t even have the money to put it out as a single. We just gave it to Triple J and suddenly, we had a gold record […]

ISSUE 3, October 2006

ISSUE 3, October 2006 Welcome to another edition of The Whitlams’ Newsletter. The album is out, has gone gold, won over critics and been nominated for an ARIA. Also the lads are in fine form on the live circuit.   The latest tour dates are at the bottom of this letter so you can be […]

The Whitlams Crash Through

Music Australia Guide by Ed Nimmervoll The Whitlams’ Tim Freedman, one of Australia’s most talented songwriters, gets it right on the new album, Little Cloud and the Apple’s Eye. Tim Freedman might be the most misunderstood person in Australian music. Mention The Whitlams’ singer’s name and people are quick to offer an opinion – often, however, […]