Whitlams Eternal Nightcap tour dates

“While tragedy may have shaped the trajectory of The Whitlams, it goes without saying that the group were able to turn it into their strength, with Eternal Nightcap serving as a document of resilience, optimism, and stoicism.” Tyler Jenke – Rolling Stone, 2021 The Whitlams classic Eternal Nightcap turns 25 this September, and the band […]

Country detour brings out the Whitlams’ Black Stump ballads

As the pandemic shut down Sydney venues, Tim Freedman headed inland and found his city songs were perfectly at home in the country While doing a soundcheck before a beer garden gig in the back of the Victoria pub in Bathurst, the Whitlams’ Tim Freedman sits at an old Victor piano. “I tell you what, […]

The Whitlams tap deep into our shared stories

IF you had to choose an Australian songwriting man whose lyrics, across the decades, have poetically captured the essence of suburban life, who would you pick? Names like Paul Kelly, Tim Rogers and Darren Hanlon come to my mind. Archie Roach? Colin Hay? What about Tim Freedman? For reasons that will always remain mysterious, his […]

Sancho Album Reviews

NME ★★★★ Sydney veterans celebrate life and mourn loss on comeback album David James Young Sixteen years on from their last album, the multi-platinum piano-pop band show they’ve lost none of their charm or grace The last time an acclaimed Australian act returned with new music after 16 years (a niche category if there ever […]

New album ‘SANCHO’ out now

The Whitlams release 7th album “Sancho”, their first since 2006.  LISTEN HERE Sancho track by track, lyrics and credits can be found on the Sancho tab of the site. Grab a Sancho CD or vinyl from the online store. The band will begin their huge ‘Gaffage and Clink Tour’ in March 2022 with 40 dates […]

The Whitlams reveal ’50 Again (Black Stump Sessions)’ released Aug 13, 2021

In March 2021 Tim Freedman set off on a solo regional tour to promote his band The Whitlams’ single ‘Man About a Dog’, a song about driving through the country after heavy rains have broken the drought. In the first week of the tour, he was immediately buoyed by the enthusiasm of rural audiences in Tamworth, […]

“(You’re Making Me Feel Like I’m) 50 Again” Single Released June 18, 2021

Video clip featuring The Real Byron Babes The Whitlams’ new single from their forthcoming album is the rollicking three-minute “(You’re Making Me Feel Like I’m) 50 Again”- a reflection on life and love that will shave years off your age. From the playful Van Halen keyboard stabs and the 70s guitar hooks to the chorus […]

New Single “MAN ABOUT A DOG” Released April 16, 2021.

Man ABout a Dog single cover

The second single from The Whitlams’ forthcoming album is a delicious three minutes of pastoral pop called “Man About a Dog”. The Whitlams’ catalogue is full of iconic urban tales, but their new song takes the boy out of the city and places him firmly in the country – driving through the hills to see […]