Beazley Filmed with Freedman – Career Over

The headline reports on TV news last night all featured ALP leader Kim Beazley chatting with Tim Freedman, and in some editions, watching him sing. Unbelievably this was not enough to save Kim’s leadership, as Kevin Rudd, who had spent the day on the phone and avoiding rock singers with discernible hangovers, won the ballot this morning to become the new Labour leader.
Beazley was fulfilling a commitment made months ago to attend the barbecue for which the Mick Young Foundation had auctioned Freedman’s performance, with the proceeds helping underprivileged students finance their further studies.
Freedman said today, “It was a privilege to play to Kim and his wife at his last function as ALP leader. I think Kim and his minders knew they were up against it even at the barbecue, but to see his grace under pressure once again made me very sad and very sorry that he has been so unlucky so many times. Let’s face it, if the Tampa hadn’t sailed over the horizon in 2001 he would have been Prime Minister for 5 years now, and a great one he would have made too. Good luck to Kevin Rudd. Maybe he can do it too.”