Free Download of 4 New Songs

To celebrate the release of the Whitlam’s new album, the Sun Herald has

teamed up with Warner Music Australia for an exclusive music offer.  Here’s

your chance to be the first to listen to brand new tracks from the Whitlams

double album Little Cloud before its official release on March 19 .  Simply

go online and type in the code below to download the songs for free.


Tracks to download today:

1) I Was Alive

2) Beauty In Me

3) Fancy Lover

4) She’s Moving In


Download the tracks to your PC now!  (Needs to be Window Media compatible)

1) Go to (you get directed to soundbuzz


2) Register

3) Code word is NEWYORK

4) Download the four Whitlams songs


Once downloaded to your PC, each track can be enjoyed for an unlimited

number of times for 14 days.  After that time the tracks expire and

disappear from your PC automatically.  All four tracks expire on March 26,