Hi everyone,


Hi Everyone,

I’m sitting in Newtown tonight finishing off a song I’m going to sing tomorrow night for the brain surgeon Chris O’Brien’s Memorial Dinner in the Great Hall at Sydney University. They called me two days ago because Michael Parkinson had cancelled. I said “yes” because I wanted a deadline. And my knee specialist might be there, and I want to talk to him. Maybe one day I can stop saying “no” to Dancing with the Stars.

The song is about an old roadie of ours called Max, Man and Van. I spoke at his funeral last week. I suppose some people only write good songs about death.

Tickets are $1000 a head if you want to hear it. A better offer might be this:

We are doing a special corporate gig in Melbourne and they have some tickets left over, so they have now opened it up to our friends. It’s a new 200 seater venue in Preston. They are offering dinner, booze and us for $69. Only catch it’s this Friday night. Details at the end of this note.

Other news briefly is I’ve signed a new record deal with a bunch of do-gooders called Sony, so I’m writing a record which will go out under my own name sometime after I finish it. The Whitlams will still play when we’re asked and bribed accordingly, but it will mainly just be me for the next little while.

Actually my first shows playing a few of the tunes from the next album 
will be between Christmas and New Year in Sydney. I’ll be doing two 
Basement shows with reduced capacity for comfort. Opening on the 27th 
December will be the sublime Lucie Thorne and on the 28th the 
indescribable Perry Keyes. If you are away Christmas consider the one 
only (six nearly killed me last year) Vanguard show on February 5 in all 
seated mode.

Those that know say there are still some tickets left for The Whitlams and Sydney Symphony show at the Opera House on Saturday 5 December where we do Eternal Nightcap start to finish.
Tickets are available from Ticketek . Also we’re going to do the Eternal Nightcap  show in Hobart with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. It will be on Wed 14th February next year & tickets will be on sale soon.

Finally, I’ll have included a link for a free download . It’s a previously unreleased live recording of “Buy Now Pay Later” with a great arrangement by Brett Dean & performed with the Sydney Symphony back in 2007.

Here’s the Preston show details,
Tim Freedman and The Whitlams playing live in an “up close and personal setting” at The Marquee at Bell City.  A fantastic nights entertainment for a special  rate of $69.00 per person for Dinner, Show and Beverages (Beer, Wine, softdrinks).  Normal price is $139.00.This special rate is being offered to fans of The Whitlams for a limited number of seats.
Friday 20 November at The Marquee at Bell City.  215 Bell St Preston Victoria.
Tickets available by phone on 1 300 737 363 or on line at www.bellcity.com.au and press the “Marquee at Bell City” button.  Enter “Fan” as the promotional code.

All my Best


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