ISSUE 3, October 2006

ISSUE 3, October 2006

Welcome to another edition of The Whitlams’ Newsletter.

The album is out, has gone gold, won over critics and been nominated for an ARIA.

Also the lads are in fine form on the live circuit.


The latest tour dates are at the bottom of this letter

so you can be sure to find them swinging by your way soon.

Tim has also answered some more of your questions so keep them coming in

to us at [email protected]


Dates have been announced for shows with The Queensland Orchestra,

and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra next year. Tickets are not

available to the public yet (TQO early next year, ASO in December) but

if you were keen for great tickets you could enquire about

subscriptions. For example in Adelaide you can subscribe to the

orchestra by buying 3 shows for $150. Herbie Hancock is playing with

them next year (which will be divine), and they are even doing the

music of Queen at one of their non-classical concerts, so there are 3

fine nights you could indulge in. In Queensland you have to attend 4

shows to be a “subscriber”. Shows with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

at the Opera House, and WASO in Perth will be announced soon.


6th October, 2007

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra


23rd, 24th November, 2007

The Queensland Orchestra


It looks like Melbourne will miss out unfortunately. Sorry Melbourne.

Melbournites should be careful too because this Friday’s show at The Corner Hotel

has sold out, so you had best come on Thursday night to the Central

Club around the corner in Richmond. This is a smaller room with

better sight lines, and there are standing room tickets still








“A mix of grace, emotion and the occasional nudge, wink and smile.

Throw in a beautiful turn of phrase and The Whitlams have never sounded better.” ****

Sunday Herald Sun (VIC)


“The coat that Crowded House used to wear so well” ****

The Courier Mail (QLD)


“That rare beast of an album which is unlike anything out there

and refreshingly<

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