The Whitlams, The Bloodpoets The Tivoli, Brisbane (14/8/09)

FasterLouder by Tian265 The Bloodpoets begin the night with a crowd-pleasing set of pop-rock numbers. They show off their musicality with some good instrumental jams and fine cowbell and trumpet action. However, I feel that the vocals are a bit too forced and their tunes lack some of the depth that is necessary for the brand […]


ETERNAL NIGHTCAP in SYDNEY with the SYDNEY SYMPHONY Due to popular demand, Sat 5 Dec 8PM, concert announced  Secure the best seats before they go on sale! Two years ago, The Whitlams and the Sydney Symphony rocked the Sydney Opera House in four sold-out shows. This December, they’re back by popular demand! Seats to the […]


ETERNAL NIGHTCAP in SYDNEY with the SYDNEY SYMPHONY By popular demand The Whitlams will return in their only Sydney shows of the year to reprise their Sydney Symphony collaboration at the Sydney Opera House. This time to mark twelve years since the release of their classic breakthrough album “Eternal Nightcap”, The Whitlams and the Sydney […]

Hello all

  Hello All, The “Best of ” year and tour are now over, so thanks to everyone that came along or bought the album. It’s time to look ahead. But first some gigs. Just announced so you can still get early bird tickets is a two night performance in Sydney with some of my friends […]

The Whitlams with the MSO Hammer Hall by Goat When The Whitlams took the stage with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra on Wednesday night – the first of three performances – there was an immediate air of intrigue that soon turned to amazement. The orchestra sat in wait as Tim Freedman, Warwick Hornby, Jak Housden and Terepai Richmond joined them across the front of the stage, closely followed by conductor, Benjamin Northey. It’s […]

Revisiting the Darkness

The Age by Andrew Murfett In their 17 years the Whitlams have endured high and lows of an operatic scale. So bring on the orchestra. Andrew Murfett reports. FOUR years ago, Tim Freedman did something as surreptitious as it was unexpected: he became a father. The 43-year-old nonchalantly let the details slip last month in […]

Truth, Beauty & A Picture Of You – Review

The Drum Media by Ross Clelland The Whtilams remain an interesting case study. Of the dozens of bands that rose and fell between the barstools of the old Sandringham Hotel in the ’90s, you probably wouldn’t have picked them as the one to be performing with symphony orchestras a decade later. There’s also the feeling […]

The Whitlams Years

Herald Sun by James Wigney TIM Freedman is proud of his work, but admits not all the songs have come up trumps, James Wigney writes. Tim Freedman’s appraisal of his career when compiling The Best of the Whitlams collection was much like the man – frank and unsentimental. As the sole surviving founding member of […]

The Mellowing of Tim Freedman

Sydney Morning Herald by Keith Austin THE WHITLAMS frontman Tim Freedman has a bit of a reputation as a boozer and a prickly interview. He is, as one reviewer described him, the “poet of contemporary urban Sydney, a left-wing, wine-happy, street-level egalitarian with firm Newtown roots”. And, of course, at 43, he has been all these things. […]

Truth, Beauty and Getting Through

MAG by Ed. Nimmervoll As the guiding spirit of The Whitlams, Tim Freedman knows success can be both a blessing and a curse. Ed. Nimmervoll mines the history of the band as Freedman releases a career retrospect. The story of The Whitlams is one of stellar successes and cavernous lows. Of the 20 musicians to […]