The Gambler

Musician, punter, wedding planner: Tim Freedman’s strange trifecta The Whitlams frontman Tim Freedman is taking a punt on a new sound, writes ANDREW McMILLEN When Tim Freedman opens the front door to his holiday home, we’re invited into a space usually reserved for noisy celebrations of love and commitment. On this warm afternoon in late […]

Bluesfest 2024 Preview

BEYOND THE BLACK STUMP – In art as in life, sometimes even the most offhand of projects take on a mysterious momentum of their own accord. By Steve Bell, RHYTHMS MAGAZINE When The Whitlams’ founder and frontman Tim Freedman decided, virtually on a whim, to give some of his band’s alt-rock songs the country treatment […]

The Whitlams @ The Gov, Adelaide 20/10/2023

Let’s be real. The 90s were awesome, especially for music. Australia, in particular, garnered a veritable trove of talent who produced unforgettable and, at times, timeless music. None more so than The Whitlams. Since forming in 1992, The Whitlams have created seven studio albums that spawned many singles that still live rent-free in many people’s minds. […]

The Whitlams Black Stump Turn ‘No Aphrodisiac’ Into A Banjo-fied Country Song

28 July 2023 | 10:58 am | Mary Varvaris Have you ever wondered what No Aphrodisiac would sound like as a country/folk song? Probably not, to be honest; it’s pretty much perfect and entirely memorable as it is as a piano ballad. But what if some banjos could make it even better? That’s what The Whitlams Black Stump have […]

Country detour brings out the Whitlams’ Black Stump ballads

As the pandemic shut down Sydney venues, Tim Freedman headed inland and found his city songs were perfectly at home in the country While doing a soundcheck before a beer garden gig in the back of the Victoria pub in Bathurst, the Whitlams’ Tim Freedman sits at an old Victor piano. “I tell you what, […]

The Whitlams tap deep into our shared stories

IF you had to choose an Australian songwriting man whose lyrics, across the decades, have poetically captured the essence of suburban life, who would you pick? Names like Paul Kelly, Tim Rogers and Darren Hanlon come to my mind. Archie Roach? Colin Hay? What about Tim Freedman? For reasons that will always remain mysterious, his […]

Sancho Album Reviews

NME ★★★★ Sydney veterans celebrate life and mourn loss on comeback album David James Young Sixteen years on from their last album, the multi-platinum piano-pop band show they’ve lost none of their charm or grace The last time an acclaimed Australian act returned with new music after 16 years (a niche category if there ever […]

Tim Freedman Charms The Love Boat In The Sawtell RSL’s First Post-COVID Concert

MUSIC returned to the Sawtell RSL last Saturday night with an engaging performance by Tim Freedman, mainstay of The Whitlams. Freedman’s masterful piano playing, distinctive voice and sense of humour captivated the crowd. Sawtell’s own Kada Miller opened the show with a slow rendition of Men at Work’s “Down Under”. She played and sang some […]

Master storyteller Tim Freedman takes the stage again in joyful birthday bash

Master storyteller and front man of The Whitlams Tim Freedman turned his biggest live music gig in 10 months into an entertaining birthday bash. Steve Moffatt November 28, 2020 – 10:33PM Wentworth Courier With the mood set by old tracks of Bessie Smith and Fats Waller – and a terrific opening set by ex-Thirsty Merc […]